Alumni registration for Externship Day 2021 will open in November 2020.

Externship Day Timeline

  • Host registration opens November 30, 2020, and closes January 1, 2021.
  • Student registration opens January 1 and closes January 15.
  • Alumni and student matching will be announced no later than January 20.
  • Externship Day is February 2, 2021.

Host Expectations

  • Plan a successful day: Create a schedule with varied activities and meetings. Avoid a lecture-style day.
  • Collaborate: Consider partnering with colleagues in other departments or even fellow alumni in your industry.
  • Coach your extern: Set aside time to get to know your student(s) and hear about their career exploration and planning.
  • Provide lunch: We appreciate you taking care of students on this day.
  • Share your career story: Students are eager to learn about how you landed where you are today.
  • Commit to hosting on February 2, 2021: If have a last minute conflict, please contact your student extern(s) to coordinate another date.

Externship Day is specifically designed for student career exploration. Should you be interested in recruiting students and alumni for jobs and internships, please contact Deborah Carlson, Employer Relations Manager in the Center for Vocation and Career. If you are interested in recruiting Wheaton in Chicago students for internships at your organization, please contact Kari Vandervelde, Urban Studies Office Coordinator.

Planning Tips

  • Assume your extern has researched your company, but give a brief orientation on your company and industry.
  • Set up informational interviews with colleagues from a variety of business units/teams.
  • Include your extern in conference calls or meetings and answer the extern's questions afterwards.
  • Expose your extern to a variety of practical and hands–on responsibilities.
  • Although you don’t need to be with your extern at every moment, check in periodically and allow time to answer questions.

Sample Agenda

9:00–9:45: Meet your student(s), review goals for the day, provide a brief orientation to your company
9:45–10:30: Tour of your company and chat about the various departments and functions
10:30–11:15: Info interview with Colleague A
11:30–12:00: Conference call
12:15–1:45: Lunch
2:00–2:45: Hands-on project
2:45–3:15: Team meeting
3:30–4:00: Debrief

You are welcome to adjust your agenda so that it accurately reflects the typical rhythm and activities of your job and company. You're also welcome to plan a shorter Externship Day experience for only a few hours or half day.

For more information, please refer to the FAQs.


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